Why Mobile is the Most Effective Channel for Restaurant Marketers

Restaurant marketers face many challenges unique to their industry. However, none of these are more important than driving customers through your doors. One of the reasons this presents a unique challenge is that we know less about restaurant customers than those in other industries. Other types of businesses can track user behavior across the web, social media, and beyond to understand the customer journey and what paths drive purchases.

However with restaurants, the behaviors and patterns can be more difficult to decipher. Many times, customers just show up, and you’re not even sure how they heard about you in the first place. It could have been word of mouth, a quick search on Yelp, or they may have just happened to be walk by while they were hungry. Many restaurants also lack the technology to track and understand important metrics like how often their customers visit, where they come from, and what their retention rates look like over time.

With the right tools, however, you can do more to understand and influence behavior in those critical decision-making moments. When a customer enters your store, you have an opportunity to offer value in exchange for downloading your app. Many restaurants utilize loyalty apps that track purchases and reward customers once they have spent a certain dollar amount at their restaurant. In exchange for the rewards they give customers for downloading their loyalty app, restaurants receive a treasure trove of customer data that can provide valuable insights into customer behavior.

Once your app is downloaded, it is critical to show value in order to keep customers engaged. Marketers can persuade users to opt into push notifications and location services that improve engagement and retention by explaining the value they will receive upfront. Once a user opts in, Foreknow’s predictive technology enables you to understand when they are likely to dine out, be in your area, or even visit your competitors.

Armed with this knowledge, you can put together a blueprint for a successful location-based, contextual marketing strategy and engage your customers at the right time to drive them to your store.