Why Location Intelligence Should Be The Focus of Every Retail Business

1. Location is at the center of every customer’s decision.

Think about it. Whether you are trying to decide what restaurant you are going to grab lunch at with a colleague, where you are going to stop next to gas up, or making a late night mobile order…. Where you are located as a customer may be the most important bit of information for a marketer to know. Making sure that you use this appropriately as a marketer is what’s really important.

2. Location, location, location.

But really. Location, location, location = data, data, data. Influential information on where your customers are during the decision making process, ordering, and locations they frequent most will allow you to reach your customers not only where they are but where they are going. Quit guessing!

3. Experience.

Customer first, location-based marketing allows customers to be put at the forefront of the interaction between the brand and the user. And creating the best experience for the customer brings customers back… and that means more revenue. More revenue = better business.