Why Brands Should Hire Location Marketing Specialists

In the day of social media directors, email marketing coordinators, digital advertising and SEO specialists, and so on, it is easy for your marketing team to become fragmented across various channels of your overall marketing strategy. Some brands are better than others at aligning goals across channels, and some even use software to assist them in connecting the customer experience across these channels.

However one thing that often gets lost in the shuffle is how brands approach their use of location data. Your email and social media teams may think location has very little relevance while your digital advertising and SEO teams may feel the complete opposite. Regardless, most brands have a very disjointed approach when it comes to location data. Even in some of the best cases, brands might be lucky to utilize location services for mobile apps and paid advertising, but they still struggle to provide a relevant, contextual experience across all channels based on their customers’ location data.

Enter the location marketing specialist. This new role has the responsibility of meshing the customer experience across all these channels to create a single, united view of their customers’ locations and apply that to the customer journey as a whole. Their focus should be on driving location opt-ins from mobile apps and collecting as much location data as possible from as many sources as possible. The ultimate goal should be aggregating this data in a centralized platform to provide context to where and when messages are sent.

More and more, your customers are demanding a seamless, location-aware experience, and I promise they don’t care that your email marketing team isn’t used to incorporating location as part of the customer journey. They care whether the message you’re delivering to them is relevant or not. From the end user’s perspective, a message that comes through at a bad time is useless and likely to be disregarded. It’s time brands begin to take location seriously as part of the customer experience and dedicate the necessary resources to provide great location-aware experiences: starting now.