The Future of Enterprise Marketing is in Big Data & Predictive AI

Want to know what’s next in the enterprise marketing space? Look no further than big data + artificial intelligence.

“AI has the capacity to revolutionize every business in every market sector; its potential is broad and unlimited,” Ron Tolido, CTO for the Insights & Data Practice at Capgemini, told Computer Business Review in September 2017.

The shift is happening all across the world, as more and more artificial intelligence is tried and tested in the marketplace, greater recognition and practice is beginning to happen. According to eMarketer, 52% of business executives say that they’re now putting artificial intelligence into use and an even greater 83% say they are planning to use it to grow their business in 2018. 

The companies that begin to find ways to not only capture voluminous and complex big data on their customers, but make sense of that data to put to actionable and meaningful use for the best customer experience are those that will win. The future of understanding that data for marketing purposes in the enterprise sector is through predictive AI.

The impact of artificial intelligence for your business should not be understated, moreover we believe it should be the main area of focus for not only your business, but specifically for your marketing team.

With the power of AI, understanding of user’s behaviors and patterns will allow your business to market to your customers in the most meaningful way possible will a full scope of understanding of what’s next, in order to create what’s next.

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