How WiFi Can Offer Brands Insights for Marketing and Operations

Over the past decade, WiFi has become commonplace everywhere you go. Whether at a coffee shop, a bar, or a sports stadium, it is pervasive in our everyday life. For most businesses, offering free WiFi is a way to improve customer experience while on site, thus building a good relationship with the customer and keeping them coming back.

Over time, companies have realized that WiFi can do a lot more than just provide connectivity. It can be used for dozens of other applications with the onset of WiFi analytics. WiFi analytics provide insights into devices that are connected on their networks, how they move about, and if users opt in, they can identify themselves to received a more personalized experience when they walk onsite to receive incentives and more.

Using WiFi analytics, companies can now use the signals being transmitted for operations to redirect customers or reduce customer wait times or understand patterns in store traffic and consumer behavior to optimize staff levels.

What’s more? Wifi Analytics can actually help you predict store traffic patterns in order as well. This allows you to better understand when your customers may be likely to visit, and how you can improve their experience through things like mobile app engagement, push notifications, or through other channels such as email or text alerts.

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