7 Ways to Increase Customer Traffic at Your Car Wash Through Mobile

1.     Leverage Local Events

Use local events such as sporting events or concerts to drive potential customers into your locations. For example: offer discounts for after the game if the home team wins! “If the [insert team name] win, celebrate by getting $3 off your car wash until close this Sunday”


2.     Market Grand Openings

If you are a car wash opening for the first time or expanding your number of locations: push your existing users to a new location by marketing to users in the specific area of your location.


3.     Happy Hours for Slow Times

Plan your reach outs based on slow times by sending your messages out to users during slow periods for your car wash.


4.     Weather

Take advantage of days after poor weather conditions when it gets nice, knowing that users likely will want to get their car washed at this time because of the previous weather conditions.


5.     Early Bird Specials

Give the early birds a reward by knocking down your price for customers that get in the first hour or two of you opening doors for the day.

6.     Be Loyal to Your Loyal Customers

Incentivize your most dedicated customers to keep coming back for more through offers and updates on points through a defined reward system.


7.     Make Your Marketing FUN

Use playful phrases and emojis in your marketing that might reference popular songs or current events. “Rain drop, drop top, come in to [insert carwash name here] today to get your car washed”.