Fresh Look on Customer Engagement

Retailer A chain uses Foreknow® to connect with its customers at the right moment across digital based on how they move about the physical world. Leveraging predictive analytics allows Retailer A to achieve unparalleled results in its customer engagement and sales.


Increase in
store visits


Lift in app-generated revenue
over control group

On the Frontier of Fashion

World-renown fashion Retailer A has always been known as one of the top brands when it comes to style. The brand maintains its pioneering spirit through a commitment to innovation and craftsmanship rooted in its clothing and heritage.


Solidifying Position in a New Age of Digital Presence

As the industry evolved, Retailer A saw a portion of it’s existing customer base being lost to competition of other new and emerging brands.


Influencing Customer Decision-Making Process

Retailer A sought to be top of mind throughout the customers journey in the decision-making process and personalize its messaging to customers they knew were missing to other competition.


Creating Moments of Magic through A.I.

Using the competitive targeting feature in the Foreknow Predict platform, Retailer A was able to pinpoint customers who were predicted spend elsewhere, and redirect them to the nearest Retailer A location. By doing so, they were able to attribute an increase of store visits from this group to their retail stores by 73% and lift in app-generated revenue of 100%.

"Foreknow’s innovative mobile engagement strategies have positively impacted our business goals and most importantly — have helped create an app that drives value for customers. Foreknow’s products and team have been great partners and have supported us as we work towards consistently taking our mobile engagement efforts to the next level.”

CMO, Retailer A