Empower your customer data to drive meaningful engagement.


Effortlessly automate and deliver perfectly timed, relevant messages.


Combine predictive A.I. with geo-location tools to engage with your customers anywhere.

Customer Profile

Build a comprehensive customer profile for all of your guests allowing your business to have the efficiency of a corporation, and the customer service of a Mom & Pop.
Profile Match
Audience Targeting Segments
Customer Look-a-Like
Any Channel API

Powerful Technology

A feature-rich geolocation marketing platform that drives both mobile engagement and sales. We make customer data actionable in order to gain insight and deliver personalized content anytime, every time.
Geolocation Targeting
Predictive A.I.
Competitor Targeting
Digital Signage
Custom Rule Engine
Content Uploader Tool
Easy-to-Use Interface

Customer Engagement

The right message, at the right time, in the right place.
JAY: Influenced by Fast Casual Restaurant

A fast casual Mexican chain wants to promote their new daily specials menu through their app. Jay uses the app for loyalty points and most often eats there on his lunch hour. The Mexican chain sends Jay a push notification when he’s predicted to be in the area for $2 off an entree from the daily specials menu.

RICK: Influenced by Local Fitness Studio

Rick has a busy career and cancelled his “standard” gym membership a few months ago. Since then he has enjoyed trying niche gyms near his residence. One niche fitness studio references data from class attendance, class instructors and visit frequency to deliver tailored message to Rick. They'd like to welcome him back with a free first month and waived activation fee. By creating custom audience segments, the studio is able to reach back out to any users who have taken a class but never signed up after their free trial.

SANDRA: Influenced by Holiday Retailer

Sandra is a frequent shopper at Big Box stores for groceries, gifts, and more. Last year was the first year she shopped online for Black Friday sales. One holiday retailer understands buyer tendencies and behaviors through the types of products guests have viewed online. They set up a campaign targeted toward Sandra's audience segment for an extra 10% off on select items that have been viewed online. This year, Sandra's total amount in her shopping cart is 45% higher when using the coupon code from the targeted campaign.

Take Your Messaging to the
Next Level

Engage with users at the most opportune moment. Use artificial intelligence to send automated predictive messages to onboard after install, re-engage after inactivity, or retarget by behavior.


Automate messages based on user behavior, location, and custom predictive attributes.


Create one message that automatically tailors to each individual user behavior based on profile, behavior, and real-time & predictive location.


Limit how many times users are messaged, set stand down periods, and add delays between messages to ensure users are never spammed.


Connect your system with ours to automate loyalty campaigns and live updates through our custom UI.

Introducing Predictive

Identify patterns in customer behaviors and locations to predict when, where, and what your customers will buy from you and your competition. Our first-in-class predictive location tools allow you to reach your customers ahead of time when they might be headed to your location or a competitor's.

Say farewell to goodbyes with Customer Look-Alike Targeting

Your customers are more alike than you think. Recognize at-risk behavior patterns and re-engage with customers who are following the path of similar users to attrition. Prevent customer churn before it’s too late using Customer Look-Alike Targeting.

Customize with Our Features

Comprehensive Profiles
Personalized Messaging
Geolocation Targeting
1:1 Predictive A.I.
Leading Tech. Security
Robust Analytics

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