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How Push Notifications Impact Loyalty and Retention

When you’re building an app, or any online platform for that matter, getting people to stay onboard is key. It will cost up to 700% more to attract a new user than it will to keep an existing user engaged. This means that if you want your business to grow, you need to keep people […]

The Future of Enterprise Marketing is in Big Data & Predictive AI

Want to know what’s next in the enterprise marketing space? Look no further than big data + artificial intelligence. “AI has the capacity to revolutionize every business in every market sector; its potential is broad and unlimited,” Ron Tolido, CTO for the Insights & Data Practice at Capgemini, told Computer Business Review in September 2017. […]

Why Location Intelligence Should Be The Focus of Every Retail Business

1. Location is at the center of every customer’s decision. Think about it. Whether you are trying to decide what restaurant you are going to grab lunch at with a colleague, where you are going to stop next to gas up, or making a late night mobile order…. Where you are located as a customer […]

Consumer Engagement Marketing in 2018

We currently live in a world of noisy, flooded, technology-first lives that, compared to our ancestors makes for an almost mind-blowing comparison. Most never could’ve fathomed the amount of information that an average person in today’s world digests in any given day. This constant bombardment of content on various screens scattered throughout our daily journey […]

7 Ways to Increase Customer Traffic at Your Car Wash Through Mobile

1.     Leverage Local Events Use local events such as sporting events or concerts to drive potential customers into your locations. For example: offer discounts for after the game if the home team wins! “If the [insert team name] win, celebrate by getting $3 off your car wash until close this Sunday”   2.    […]

Why Brands Should Hire Location Marketing Specialists

In the day of social media directors, email marketing coordinators, digital advertising and SEO specialists, and so on, it is easy for your marketing team to become fragmented across various channels of your overall marketing strategy. Some brands are better than others at aligning goals across channels, and some even use software to assist them […]

5 Push Notification Best Practices to Make Users Love You

A lot of research goes into starting a company. For us, it was important to get a feel for the specific market we were looking to break into. While we had a combined 10+ years in the mobile marketing and location analytics space, we have nonetheless spent hours upon hours analyzing our own research and […]

Your Customers Deserve Better Than Real Time Geo-fencing

Brick and mortar businesses like restaurants and retailers have an enormous opportunity to interact with their customers through digital. Mobile and connected devices are the best chance for marketers to get across to their audience since the invention of the television. For some obvious and some not obvious reasons, this massive change in the way […]

Why Mobile is the Most Effective Channel for Restaurant Marketers

How best to prop up the companies that power South Korea’s export-driven economy as the rest of the world slows? The government’s previous answer, the so-called “one-shot” bill, aims to help the