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Why Foreknow


treands of use location and behaviar


future movements and actions


perfectly-timed digital interactions with every customer


more orders, store traffic, engagement and sales

Customer Profile

Build a comprehensive profile for each customer with scalable efficiency. Combine customer data collected from every source and let Foreknow A.I. technology do the heavy lifting.

Predictive A.I.

Some may say predicting the future is magic. For us, it’s a feature. Take advantage of opportunities before they even happen using Foreknow’s predictive A.I. algorithm to reduce churn, target your competitors, and influence decisions hours before they’re made.

Personalized Engagement

Deliver the right message at the perfect time. Each customer has their own unique story and relationship with your brand. Connect with every customer on a personal level. Deliver relevant messages that actually drive results.

Custom Solutions

Foreknow delivers a platform fit for your business with the features you need to connect with your customers, and deliver the results you need. Engage with your customers across all devices with automated business rules, custom audience segments based on unique behaviors, and an easy to use content management platform that your team will love to use.

Fast, Simple, Scalable

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Our unified platform allows integration with all of your partner solutions.


See the powerful results of Foreknow for your business with our custom U.I.

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